My tweets from Tuesday 14th Jan

I regret not storifying my tweets from the UKIP meeting because I think it it makes it much easier to read. Below are the tweets I sent whilst at the Morden UKIP meeting. You can still see them on Twitter but I have collected them here. I have not deleted any of them. I haven't included one or two that occurred during that time frame but were not relevant to the meeting.

  • Guess where I am? Yep, at a UKIP meeting in Morden. Will be live tweeting
  • 58 white people listening to Merton UKIP councillor blaming spending on translation services
  • Now trying to scare us with crime figures even though UKIP speaker admits Merton is a safe borough
  • Next up - Gerald Batten MEP
  • Gerald starts off by mocking leaflet put out by those who oppose UKIP
  • I am sacrificing choir to be here tonight - UKIP nonsense
  • Gerald distancing himself from accusations of being Tory
  • Turns out Gerald was a trade unionists for 28 years but left his union cos they wouldn't publish a UKIP article
  • Gerard Batten now referencing recent poll. Paul Oakley has just arrived
  • Dull rubbishing of all 3 political parties
  • "Russia is now more free that Britain" says Gerald Batten
  • Our defence policy is being driven by EU" says Batten MEP Really?? # Ukipnonsense
  • Hard to judge how many are UKIP members & how many curious residents #ukipmeeting
  • Spending most of talk moaning about EU - turns out they are RUINING our bin collections
  • Now moving on to immigration. Apparently they are not against it?! #Ukipmeeting
  • "alcoholics, drug addicts, vagrants" is how Gerard Batten MEP is describing immigrants
  • Depressing beyond belief. Will be challenging
  • Now crowing about their impact on Labour & Tory & pushing them to be harder on immigration
  • Paul Oakley kicking off with a joke about making trains run on time on e elected
  • Paul trying to make light of UKIP speaker claiming flood due to gay marriage.
  • Turns out my impassioned contribution in defence of immigration hasn't persuaded UKIP audience
  • Oh God this is so ugly!
  • I am trying to persuade people at UKIP meeting that Immigrants are not the problem #failing
  • Imagine being in a room with 50 UKIP supporters foaming at the mouth about immigration #mylot
  • Just heard the phrase "I'm not a racist ..."
  • Rather proud of my Jimmy Saville heckle when UKIP councillor starting moaning about honour killers
  • These people sitting around me are my neighbours. I think it is worth persuading them UKIP is wrong
  • UKIP is driving me to drink
  • Please let it be over soon
  • Disagreement on UKIP panel re flat tax. Interesting that UKIP members to the left of MEP & councillor
  • perfectly safe at UKIP meeting but weary at prospect of members putting me straight once meeting finishes
  • @RichardHilton1 @SuzanneEvans1 - no apologies here. I wouldnt even dignify them as “honour” killings - no honour in murder.
  • Thank you for all the RTs of my evening spent at Ukip meeting. Please go along to your local meetings and challenge :-)

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